Our business
Hans participates in various diversified businesses

  • wood products
    The ingredients for building.
    The Hans Company is a world leader
    in wood products industry and has been
    instrumental in the development of
    wood products trading.
  • agriculture
    The ingredients for life.
    The Hans Company originates and
    brings to the table grains from
    North America, South America, Asia,
    Australia, and Europe through
    our unique value added chain.
  • seafood
    The ingredients for sustenance.
    The Hans Company manages a fully
    integrated supply chain from the pristine
    waters to the table by developing our
    interests in the value chain and
    investing in our resources.
  • food & Beverage
    The ingredients for vitality.
    The Hans Company is a leading
    provider of wholesome food and
    nourishing beverage ingredients
    with an unrivaled product and
    brand portfolio.


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